My best and worst buy of the week


These chick peas and pinto beans are my best buy this week , for a couple of dollars you can buy this many dried beans , canned are marked up a LOT , and then theres the whole sitting in the can which is a whole other story . So this is a deeply satisfying purchase for me . My middle daughter is loving chick peas right now , just straight up in her lunch and as a snack , and the pinto beans are amazing in the crockpot , the recipe is here   ( crockpot refried beans ) .  They are so cheap and cheerful , on a homemade tortilla and so healthy .

My pricey purchases went like this , maple syrup and olives !! the same child with the chick pea appetite LOVES olives and we actually have to hide them . They are so pricey , I payed $7.50 for a small container of pitted green from the self serve . I find myself correcting my  complaining when I stop and think , hmmm maybe these had to grow , be watched , be laboured over  , be picked , be brined , be pitted , be imported , so in all reality !!    I also noticed the maple syrup  was up to $14.50 a litre , wow , its gone up again .  But again , its one of gods amazing gifts to us and im thankful that theres  maple syrup farmers , who have been working for generations to get this amazing sap , that literally needs cooking down from 50 to 1 !! that’s a  lot of sap for not a lot of syrup , how can I complain ??

So gas prices are down , syrup prices are up  , whats new ?   We are into a new week and I am confident we will make it .     I am having no trouble with lunches but I may need a few new ideas , I found annies bunnies on sale for $1.99 so I bought 2 , other than that , I am sticking to the basics . It looks like a lot of food , but she eats it all most days and if not she finishes on the way home . I sometimes pop a piece of licorice in the middle  or a few chocolate chips .  The thermos is working for yoghurt or oatmeal for morning recess and usually banana bread or fruit in the afternoon . I can highly recommend the purchase of a wide mouth thermos ( thermos brand ) for saving money on lunches , they work beautifully .



We made it !! and we still have money leftover

We are having some serious snowfall issues here today  ,  its the first school snowday in our area for 35 years .


Look how disappointed my child is !!

I feel its unfair to say we have money leftover from the budget , since last night we had spaghetti ( which was amazing btw ) using my summer stock of canned pasta sauce .  And tonight I will be using my spaghetti squash frommy garden this fall ( loving the stored veggies and sauces and must do more next year ) .                        We do have 4o dollars left and im so thrilled , even though we bought coffee and hemp last week . I made 2 batches of bagels  and 2 loaves of banana bread yesterday but a lot of that has been eaten . We have finished the beet salad , the bread , the lettuce and the stew gave some serious mileage .  We have been eating oats every morning and I did have to pack a lunch today for my 5 year old , before we new it was snowday .  This is where im concerned my budget will go left  , but maybe not with some careful planning . I premade the cookies and froze them and she also had a thermos of applesauce and a slice of banana bread .    I am planning on cooking some pasta tonight with sauce and veggies , and tomorrow will hit the store . I wonder if I should spend the leftover money on extra food or save it for desperate times , like a maple syrup purchase .


A trip to the pool and the purchase of dish soap .

We took our recovering bodies to the pool , this has been the longest cold and flu bug . Everyone around us has it , our nextdoor neighbour is quite sick .   Our girls didn’t sleep well at all and yesterday was a long day  however , our budget of whole food is doing very well . Yesterday we ate leftover risotto , pizza and porridge for breakfast .

Today we took pool snacks of apples and bananas , which our girls found very sub standard , they wanted something fatty , hot , carby , or baked , sorry ladies .  Their energy was sapped after swimming , I felt sorry for them  this cold has been a tough one .

We had a breakfast of oats and maple syrup ( running out of that , darn ) with hemp and coconut oil . Lunch was leftover 5 layer dip , and toast . I made 2 dozen lunchbox cookies for the freezer today , my family attacked them and 6 are unaccounted for . Tonight we had veggie stew and dumplings , delicious !! recipe is on my blog , we also had beet salad with it and bread . My  5 year old wouldn’t eat the stew and ate an avocado , yogurt and toast with cheese .My youngest ate 2 bowls of stew , bread , avocado and yoghurt .  I have lots of stew leftover for tomorrow , and the only thing I bought today is juice . Juice is not a thing we buy , but my daughter said she felt like having some so much I felt compelled to buy it , shes ben so poorly and never asks for juice . I still have forty dollars left and I am feeling hopeful .


went out for dishsoap , bought everything but !


Went out for dish soap in the freezing weather , and remembered  on the way home why I went to the store !!  I did however buy the ingredients to make my own laundry soap so that’s how I spent some serious time today .

I did use some of my budget on refried beans and sour cream as my middle child has been quite sick and was craving 5 layer dip , how could I say no . However I believe were on task , still have lots of food and 50 dollars left till Monday , its Wednesday night .

We  had pizza for dinner and everyone ate too much , we also didn’t eat the leftover risotto as we had the dip thanks to annaleise .  We can have that tomorrow with the last of the pizza .  phew another day , hopefully this gets less stressful .

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Butternut risotto and the last piece of Christmas cake


Logger man has a cold , man cold to be precise , so lots of dramatic sneezing and coughing and groaning around here .

Today has been very chilly , minus 11 here so that combined with Christmas holidays weve not left the house . Budget has been easy to stay on track with today , steel cut oats for breakfast with coconut oil , hemp seeds and real  maple syrup ( sooo pricey right now ) .

Lunch was homemade bread ( made very cheaply this morning ) with cheese and cucumber , and rainforest butter .

snacks of bananas ,yes theyre sooooo cheap and yes we get soooo sick of them ,applesand crackers . This afternoon my girls ate frozen blueberries .

Dinner was a delicious butternut squash , which I used brown short grain rice and veggie stock not chicken . That was a hit with more homemade bread.   you can find the recipe here   butternut squash risotto

I am excited to have leftovers of the risotto for tomorrows lunch , these are things that excite a woman on a budget apparently.  Mr man flu has had 2 hot rums and these are NOT in the grocery allowance , men can be such babies , I had the same cold and cooked all week , just saying .



Day two, shopping and pannekoken


My plan to withdraw the cash for groceries today went accordingly . One hundred and fifty Canadian dollars in a brown envelope in my purse to use until next Monday .  I took my husband and daughters in the store , hmmm we can guess where that’s going. We needed decaf coffee , ten dollars !!! crap, maybe coffee shouldn’t be in the budget ITS NOT FOOD  , its a necessity !! I also spent 10 big ones on hemp seeds , but my daughter needs her hemp in her breakfast smoothie  its a corner I wont cut ( like coffee ) .  My meal plan is ready for the week , veggie stew and dumplings  with beet salad , leftover ,  lasagna , leftovers , potatoes with avocado sauce , pizza ,butternut squash risotto  and tonight we had pannakoken ( dutch pancakes ) with peaches , and power spread . Lunch was homemade bagels topped with avocado and salsa and tomato soup . Breakfast was yoghurt , bananas and granola , bagels and rainforest butter ( amazing stuff )

Today I spent 85 dollars in one day Ouch , but I have   7 pounds of potatoes , 5 pounds of beets , squash , 4 litres of full fat  milk , 2 dozen organic eggs , rice , non gmo  pasta ,   , a block of cheese , 3 leeks , carrots ,  large bag of hemp hearts  , coffee , applesauce , rutabaga , chocolate chips ( for cookies ) bananas , apples,and avocados, all items were organic ,  and my husband did cave  to pressure from our girls and bought mango soy milk BLECH  , based on them  begging for it  . They didn’t like it so I froze it in cube trays and will sneak it in smoothies THIS MAMA AINT THROWING A THING OUT , and I didn’t hesitate to tell him he wasted 2.95

Above is a picture of my youngest in her anna dress , despite our budget we are still smiling

day one wholefood budget

IMG_1319Our girls have been sick for a few days , so budget breakfast went a bit differently . First off , i already have some things in my fridge , im not starting with an empty pantry and it is snowing so i am using what supplies i have on hand . Secondly , my girls have been vegetarian as opposed to vegan for the last 2 years . It all started with the playgroup cheese slices they loved and ended with my nutrition concerns , and wanting them to get everything they need , when they can be picky sometimes . And also i have a hatred for all things soy , so that had to go .  I cannot change my  domain name at this point , but figure its a minor detail .

So the things in my fridge as of today , look like this

IMG_1321I have a FULL jar of salsa  yay , chai tea , very few hemp seeds ( bah ) and some canned pears and flour . In the bottom i have a whole bag of onions and carrots , and a half a tub of earths balance .   Today i made 16 bagels very cheaply  and froze half . I will serve them with avocado , melted cheese , nut butter ect .  My dry goods look like this, as of today IMG_1323 However the chips are GONE , that was my hubbys doing  , although i believe there is  a handful left . Yippee there is  some pasta , rice and a few noodles so we are  going into this strong ( i think )   I have 4 bananas and 2 avocados and 5 apples  in my fruit bowl they will not last long .

Breakfast consisted of my recovering daughter having some yoghurt and prune plums ( from last summers stock ) . she left a few spoon fulls of yoghurt so i put it in her smoothie later, lets not in any way waste food here  ( blueberries , yoghurt , hemp and ice ) . Logger husband was generously served 3 eggs , with black beans and some mushrooms ( mushrooms are CHEAP ) made into an omelette ( no cheese ) with a spoon of salsa . I also found 2 lonely Ezekiel English muffins going begging in the freezer , which i toasted and topped with jam ( homemade pear spice on LAST JAR )  , my youngest ate the same with a small serving of  smoothie.


Lunch was some chips and salsa and veggies  , a hot chocolate after sledding  , fruit , avocados and leftover Christmas cake .

Dinner ,  brown rice with black beans and carrots green beans with hoisin sauce , id call that s cheap way to feed a family .

I do have my list written and i have gone through the flyers , not looking too promising , wish i didn’t need hemp seeds .

Tommorow , the store ………